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I posted some real stories about my ex whore Sarah for a while, so I thought it was time to bring everyone up to date with their latest exploits. During the summer the children had gone to his nan. I took them away in the next week, and waited for some travel documents delivered to my ex to be in the apartment. She called me at 13:00 on Friday, he announced that he had come : it was his voice on the phone I had heard really crazy, but that was a big surprise. I asked if it was for me to find her, and she immediately said, so I hopped in the car and the whole year. When I got there I knocked but no answer. I tried again - same thing. He called his cell phone - it was off. Shouted through the letter box - nothing. So far I have started to pissed, so I went to the other side of the house (on the ground floor) and saw his living room window was open, teenboat but the curtains were drawn. thinkwould have happened to drink, I shouted through the open window, but still no response. Cursing, I did not bring the spare key, I decided I would have to climb out the window and see what was happening. I opened the window and opened the curtain. to my surprise, there was a very alert Sarah on the couch. She teenboat was naked except for a bra, and has been at the turn of another of his ex, which extended two fingers up, which of course had a very wet pussy. When she resisted his fingers, she was with a hand to shake his ex, who was completely naked. I mumbled an apology for the interruption, and she told me drunk '. Well, either enter or wait until you finish ' I explained that it was my key and told me to get both the window or wait. Now, I was very warm to the sight, I went to the window and sat on the couch, is a bulge in my pants every time a bit, I thought. All the time she was seenI, as she masturbated by her ex, as noted, who loves being a bitch. After a few minutes, got up and sat on his cock, facing me, so I had a clear view of his hard cock sliding in her pussy very wet. With hands on knees, she gets off on his cock, she moans show how much they enjoyed it. Soon come to a standstill, he asked his ex, passing the joint, and after a few hits, started grinding on his cock again, while myself. I got up and went to take it, and then stood in front of them when I had a hit or two, my tension and clear hard cock against the front of my pants. ' Need Help ? ' He asked, passing his hand over the package and then teenboat pulled my pants down, my hard drive on my stomach with a slap shot. Straining, she took hold and began to suck as she performed looped over their other former Hahn. I know that she loves him like a bitch, but I could see I was incredibly hOrny in his teenboat drunken state and toned, the nipples of her small breasts are a half inch, while her shaved pussy with her juices that were inside of her legs was smeared with diamonds. passed through the smoke of her ex, and asked if he cared - certainly did not seem so far! 'No problem, Dave, ' he said. stood up and turned around teenboat and bent over, and the tail of her former husband in her mouth while her ass in my hard. It is not necessary to make it a second time grabbed her by the waist and put his dick in her pussy soaking wet. I could feel his lips, as to them a sure sign that the old witch was teenboat drawn closer, and I could see how violently sucked into the tail of another ex, masturbating teenboat with one hand while going back to others and adjust their own clitoris. I could tell by the way his hips began to move, that approach and, of course, was shocked when they leave just , to see the pine treesst jet come shooting in the mouth, with the second wave splashes on your face. This was too much for them, and with a groan, I felt it in my queue, a warm flood of her juices to explode around my cock and ran down her legs and over my eggs. seemed to come forever, even injected shots of his cock as he masturbated and beat his face, enters his hair and his teenboat mouth as she moaned her own orgasm. 'Want more semen, that bitch? ' I asked, and she called her soaking start to come. I could no longer hold, and that just pulled me what my penis was deep inside her, my head touches the G-spot and shot my load into her pussy, my cum mixed with her juices as it left it. I swear I could feel my balls dripping on the carpet, when I came and came, her pussy contracting party on my cock and squeezed it gently. In the meantime, had finished his ex another comes, and I thought it was, but I forgotten what the bitch, as if angry and have a teenboat taste for cock. She grabbed his now semi- hard cock and pulled him off the couch and then turned to me and grabbed the two and in his bedroom. She pushed him back on the bed, then went and put him soaked pussy on his face. I could see he was still dripping clots of my cum, but she pushes him down so he had teenboat no teenboat chance to argue, and immediately I could see he was coming back as her tongue began to work on her pussy abuse. She looked at me with his cum all over her hair and dripping from his face on her breasts and brought me closer. When she opened her mouth to kiss me, I saw that his mouth was full of his sperm, just before she pushed her tongue in my mouth, what your taste, I ate her pussy. They had come almost constantly, as I usually on the face, and when I got out of bed, took my penis touches yours. Sarah took them bothr hand and stroking the two cocks together teenboat wet. Now he could inject his sperm was the bitch in her breast as she licked her point of view. Keeping our tails with one hand shifted, and moved her body to her wet pussy tail was resting on his lips, then slipped into its first mine and after it. Meanwhile, it has been so hot, it has come at a nearly constant flow, raising his voice in a scream as she cried, fuck 'me, ​​come fuck me, I felt his cock start twitching former to me. And did it for me, extended to the next two spurts soaking his start as she and crashed into our lines to enter. there was much to see who brought great drops of semen dripping teenboat from her lips, and she had so many things coming could hardly move. were cast by the bitter and stones, they just collapsed on the bed cover. I thought it seemed a good time to make a move, and then went back into teenboat the room bedressed and left. I even thought it would bring the documents to come out teenboat of the way!
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